Rudsak on the Art of Innovation While Staying True to the Style of the Brand

Rudsak on the Art of Innovation While Staying True to the Style of the Brand

Rudsak founder, Evik Asatoorian is a Montreal native who has been fascinated by fashion since the age of 14. He founded Rudsak in 1994, driven by this captivation and his dream to give Quebec more of an international fashion flavor.

The rock n’ roll chic of James Dean and Joan Jett was a big influence on Asatoorian and he started Rudsak as a fashion label with a focus on leather. First came variations to the iconic perfecto leather jacket. From there, and after hiring Donato Coticone, an Italian with a finance background, they shaped the company’s future, taking it to where it is today – One of Canada’s leading fashion houses with a presence across Canada, the United States and Asia. Winning Toronto Fashion Week’s 2015 People’s Choice Award, it is clear that they are doing something right.

Innovation Shapes This Global Brand

It is interesting to note that even with Rudsak’s continued growth and success, the cool rebel style that is synonymous with their brand hasn’t changed one bit. Every season, styles are fresh and new, yet they remain anchored in that edgy, rebellious spirit that is present in all their lines. Staying away from the trend of the month is important to Rudsak. Innovation does not have to mean compromise in style or adherence to trends. It did mean expanding their lines from outerwear and handbags to clothing, footwear and accessories as well as a line for kids. Innovation also means partnering with retailers to facilitate expansion into other markets, taking their vision from being solely Montreal located to having global ambitions.

Perhaps, part of their success is the adherence to using high quality materials, solid craftsmanship and the merging of elegance and edginess to achieve the cool rebel look, which is what the brand was and what it still is.

Rudsak currently operates over 30 store locations across Canada is aiming to operate in more than 50 locations from coast to coast. Here’s to Rudsak for demonstrating that staying true to the style results in customers staying true to the brand.

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