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The Canadiens Are Opening The Biggest Restaurant in Canada!

access_timeAugust 21, 2017 chat_bubble_outline 0

1909 Taverne Moderne Largest Restaurant in Canada The Montreal Canadiens recently announced plans to open two new restaurants this fall. 1909 Taverne Moderne is opening its first

Super Mario Kart Meets Niagara Falls

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Ready, Set, Go! HOCO Limited, a tourism and resorts company, is putting the finishing touches on a brand new Mario Kart-type racetrack in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Festival de la Poutine de Drummondville

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If ‘poutine is a religion,’ than Festival de la Poutine de Drummondville is the alter from which it’s celebrated. This year is the 10th anniversary of

CNE 2017; Let’s Go To The Ex!

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The official opening of the CNE, Canada’s largest annual community event, is just a few days away. The gates will open on Friday, August 18th

Netflix Increases Prices!

access_timeAugust 10, 2017 chat_bubble_outline 0

I know what you’re thinking, “10% increase, they must be nutz!” Let’s keep this within reason, Netflix is raising most of their monthly subscription rates by

Famous UK Brand Expanding Across The Pond

access_timeAugust 8, 2017 chat_bubble_outline 0

What does Tokyo, London and Toronto have in common? Hunter Wellies! Hunter, the iconic UK boot and footwear brand, is opening its third freestanding shop

Caribbean Carnival Weekend Events

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It’s already Caribbean Carnival (formerly Caribana) 2017 in Toronto. Which means, it’s time to celebrate the beautiful culture and traditions this weekend. Here are a few

NBA, Nike Unveil New Uniforms

access_timeAugust 3, 2017 chat_bubble_outline 0

You have to admit the new Nike NBA jerseys look pretty sick. As per an interview with, leave it to Draymond Green to express in

J.C.Penney Partners with Project Runway

access_timeAugust 2, 2017 chat_bubble_outline 0

J.C. Penney recently announced a partnership with Project Runway to launch the Project Runway brand. “Millions of viewers aspire to emulate the fashion-forward looks first

Seriously? Still focused only on Email Acquisition? It’s 2017!

access_timeAugust 1, 2017 chat_bubble_outline 0

Are you taking marching orders from senior executives who are stuck in 2005? You know!? That top-down focus on the wrong strategic marketing goal for

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